The Costs of Hunting Accidents

Many New Yorkers participate in hunting as an integral part of their recreational life.  Not only is it a way to get food; it is also a distinctive way to commune with nature, build relationships through ritual and commonality, and develop a respect and appreciation for wildlife.  Sadly, sometimes the experience can result in tragic […]

Construction Equipment: Dangers to Workers

A construction site is a dangerous place to work.  In addition to risks related to falls, hazardous materials, and multiple projects going on in one space, there is a serious challenge to worker safety due to the number of machines and heavy pieces of equipment that are generally on the move simultaneously during the workday.[…..]

Premises Liability After a Physical Attack

Let’s say you and your friends went out for a few drinks after work one evening.  On the way to your car at the end of the night, another patron of the bar follows you out, angry about a perceived slight earlier in the evening. You are assaulted and robbed.  You wind up in the[…..]

When a Fall Lands You in the Hospital

Americans fall every day. While sometimes these falls result in nothing more serious than a bit of embarrassment and a bruised ego, all too often serious injuries are the unfortunate outcome.  What makes these injuries infuriating is when they could have been prevented, and a careless or negligent property owner simply failed to provide a[…..]