Tactics Insurers Use to Devalue and Deny Claims

We often expect that our insurance company will be there for us in the event of an auto accident. That’s what the popular catchphrases, “Like a good neighbor,” and “You’re in good hands,” would like us to believe, anyway.   However, many people fail to look at things through the insurers’ point of view. Like […]

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

For many people, motorcycles offer fun and freedom on the open road. To others, these bikes are dangerous. Both frames of mind are valid. Motorcycles can be fun when ridden properly by a skilled rider, but since they offer little protection in the event of a crash, they can become deadly in an instant.  […..]

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Determining Fault in Side-Swipe Accidents

Distracted driving or trying to avoid crashing into a car in front can lead to a side-swipe accident. A side-swipe accident occurs when two vehicles are going in the same direction and one driver ends up in the other’s lane, causing both vehicles to be impacted on the side. A side-swipe accident can also involve[…..]

Should You Settle Your Car Accident Case or Go to Court?

You got injured in a car accident that was not your fault. You missed a few weeks of work and have thousands of dollars in medical bills. Your car was also totaled.   The best option in this case is to contact a lawyer and file a claim against the liable party. But how far[…..]