How Can I Prove Another Driver Was Texting When They Hit Me?

Texting while driving is a dangerous practice that distracts a motorist from giving the road their full attention. Unfortunately, unlike drinking and driving there’s no simple test to prove the driver’s guilt. There are other ways to prove the negligent behavior happened, but this evidence can be difficult to obtain on your own.   A skilled […]

Why Insurance Companies Dispute Personal Injury Claims

Insurance companies often are a key player in settling personal injury claims. Though it’s a very good thing if you or whoever caused your injuries have insurance, it still doesn’t guarantee the insurer will approve your claim or pay you a fair settlement. These companies are for-profit businesses, so their goal is to pay as[…..]

8 Bicycle Laws in New York City

In the crowded urban jungle of New York City, bicycles are a great way to avoid sitting in gridlock and take advantage of an environmentally friendly method of transportation. However, more riders means more accidents, injuries, and deaths. To try and curb these rising rates and protect riders, New York City has enacted laws to[…..]

Suing a Bar or Restaurant for Drunk Driving Injuries in New York

Nobody in New York expecting to be hit, hurt, or even killed by a drunk driver. However, it’s a sobering reality that 28 percent of all traffic fatalities in the state and countless injuries to motorists and pedestrians are caused by drivers under the influence. Most victims of drunk drivers know they can rightfully sue[…..]