Understanding The Common Trends Involved in Commercial Truck Accidents

Understanding The Common Trends Involved in Commercial Truck Accidents

Historically, common trends in commercial truck crashes and accidents that result in injuries or deaths have been mostly similar. In recent years, however, rates of commercial truck crashes that involve property damage and serious injuries have increased while the rate of fatal crashes remained relatively steady. And unfortunately, most of the deaths in accidents where truck drivers were liable are those of the other vehicle’s drivers or occupants. 

Important Commercial Truck Accident Trends

The following commercial truck accident trends are from the FMCSA and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIH): 

  • In 2019, 4,119 individuals died in large truck accidents. 15% of those deaths were pedestrians, motorcyclists, or bicyclists, 16% were truck drivers or occupants, and a whopping 67% were occupants or drivers of passenger vehicles.
  • 97% of vehicle occupants or drivers that died in two-vehicle accidents involved a large truck and a passenger vehicle in 2019 were the passenger vehicle occupants or drivers. 
  • 11% of all deaths in motor vehicle crashes in 2019 occurred in accidents with large trucks.
  • 12% of all deaths involving passenger vehicle occupants and 22% of deaths involving passenger vehicle occupants in multiple-vehicle accidents in 2019 were due to large truck crashes. 
  • According to the FMCSA 2018 Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts, at least one factor related to driver error was recorded for 32% of fatal crashes involving large trucks, compared to 53% of fatal crashes involving passenger vehicle drivers. These driver errors often include driving over or under the speed limit, driver fatigue, distracted driving, and driver inattention. 

Why these Trends Matter and How It Can Affect You

As you can clearly see from the commercial truck accident trends highlighted above, the vast majority of fatalities in accidents involving large trucks are the occupants or drivers of passenger vehicles. Keep in mind that commercial trucks are massively heavier than passenger vehicles and are significantly taller with higher ground clearance, which could lead to smaller passenger cars being crushed by large trucks in accidents. The result of these accidents is often catastrophic, permanent, and life-changing injuries and related losses or death. 

Hurt in a Commercial Truck Accident? How a Garden City Commercial Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

If you or a loved one was hurt in a commercial truck accident, the Falkowitz Law Firm could help you recover fair compensation for all of your losses. Contact us online or call us at 844-385-4279 to arrange a free review of your case with our Garden City commercial truck accident attorney

Commercial Truck Accident FAQs

How Much Can I Recover from a Commercial Truck Accident Claim?

This will depend on what injuries you have and how it has impacted your life, as well as the other damages that may apply to your case.

Do I Need an Attorney for a Commercial Truck Accident?

Yes. A competent lawyer can investigate the facts of your accident, establish fault, and secure fair compensation for you.

What If a Loved One Died from a Commercial Truck Accident?

You can file a wrongful death claim against the negligent parties with help from an attorney. 

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