Car Accidents

New York City, Long Island, and Hempstead are filled with cars hustling around at all hours of the day. With this much traffic, car accidents are inevitable. If you’ve been involved in one of these accidents, don’t let the insurance companies low ball you out of a fair settlement. Call our offices today to make sure your car accident settlement is a fair one.

Construction Accidents

New York is an ever-evolving city. Buildings come up, buildings come down, and the city continues to expand outside its borders. That level of development calls for a lot of construction and with that a lot of construction workers. It’s no secret construction work has its pitfalls, so accidents on construction sites are commonplace in New York. Workers’ compensation law can be complicated, so don’t go about filing your claim alone.

Employment Law

New York is an incredibly diverse city, and this is not changing any time soon. However, not every employer sees hiring a diverse workforce as a positive thing. Discrimination is unacceptable, and The Falkowitz Law Firm is here to stand up for workers who have been mistreated due to a circumstance outside their control. Don’t take discrimination or wrongful termination sitting down.

Mass Torts

Drug and pharmaceutical companies have a financial incentive to push their products out as quickly as possible. Speed up product releases lead to lapses in testing or even worse cover-ups in defects. When you’ve trusted one of these companies with your health, and it resulted in tragedy, you have recourse through The Falkowitz Law Firm.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and nurses are some of the most well-thought-of professionals in our society. However, at the end of the day, medical professionals are human and will make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are caused by some form of negligence and can lead to severe health defects. If this is the case for you, don’t let the hospital’s insurance company bully you into a low-ball settlement.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are the ultimate leisure vehicle. There’s nothing quite as liberating as flying open and free on two wheels. However, there is an obvious danger of riding a motorcycle. This is especially the case in a congested city like New York. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t let your insurance company short you the compensation you deserve.

Rental Car Accidents

Thousands of visitors flow in and out of New York every day. One way to get around outside public transportation is rental cars. With all the traffic in this crowded city, getting into a car accident is inevitable. Rental car accidents can work differently than regular car accidents, so don’t go about filing your claim alone.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A “slip and fall” accident doesn’t necessarily have to involve a slip. A fall can be the result of a foreign object, a hole in the ground, broken stairs, or a loose railing. No matter the cause of your fall, you can hold the owner of the premises responsible for this negligence.

Truck Accidents

Large trucks are carrying loads of cargo in, out, and around New York every day. Our congested roads make it tough for these large vehicles to get around. Those two things in conjunction will lead to accidents with these large trucks, and those accidents can be devastating. Insurance companies representing truck companies owe you compensation for life-altering injuries.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a paralyzingly tragic occurrence when an individual is killed as a result of negligence from another party. These settlements are an especially painful process, and you’ll need a team that can guide you through this process.