When you’re riding a motorcycle, you are at a serious disadvantage compared to other passengers of the road. In a car or a truck, you have the protection of a vehicle around you compared to open air. Also, cars have airbags that can protect you, so the amount of damage and injuries you are initially looking at is going to be substantial. In NYC the accidents can be even worse because of the amount of congested traffic. Our streets are busy regardless of the day and time, and most of our drivers are aggressive. You really need superb defensive driving skills to avoid incidents on the road in our city. If you, or someone you know, have been injured in a motorcycle accident in NYC it’s time to seek help. We suggest that you reach out to Gary Falkowitz to answer any of your accident-related questions.

Hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney will determine whether you succeed in your lawsuit. In NYC it can be incredibly difficult to recover damages as a motorcycle rider. Most members of the public have a bias against those that ride motorcycles. In general, most accidents are assumed to be your fault, because of the number of reckless drivers that are on the road. Not to mention the way that motorcyclists are seen in pop culture as daredevils. Since the public views motorcyclists are as careless, they think that accidents you get into are deserved. An experienced New York City car accident lawyer can shift this point of view so that a judge and jury will see a motorcyclist in the right light. You might not be driving in a car, but the laws still protect you the same. As long as you are law-abiding while you drive the motorcycle, you are protected by the same laws under the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Motorcycle accidents are responsible for severe injuries

As we mentioned earlier, when you travel on a motorcycle you have more risk than if you are protected by a car. Many people choose to travel through traffic in NYC on motorcycles because it is easier to get around. With the high rate of accidents in New York City, it only makes sense that a good majority of those accidents would involve motorcycles. The difference in these motorcycle-car accidents is that the motorcyclists are going to face most of the injuries and damages. Here are several reasons why motorcyclists sustain severe injuries from these accidents:

  • A motorcyclist will feel a direct impact between his/her body with the other vehicle or pavement.
  • Motorcycles only have 2 wheels which makes them less stable than cars that have 4 wheels.
  • A motorcycle weighs less than other motor vehicles, and as such are at a greater risk for damage.
  • Motorcycles, because they are smaller, are not easily seen when they are on the road. In fact, a lot of motorcycles can disappear in a car’s blind spot.
  • Motorcycles are also at a greater risk for road dangers. Many roads have potholes, or they are poorly maintained. A car can hit a pothole and have serious damage, so the damage is easily multiplied for a motorcycle.

What are some of the most common motorcycle injuries in New York?

Even if you have gone through multiple motorcycle safety courses, you can still be injured in a motorcycle accident. Honestly, sometimes there is nothing that you can do to avoid a crash. The question isn’t if you will sustain injuries, it is how serious your injuries will be. Some injuries require immediate care, while the worst injuries can result in death. Below we list some of the most common injuries we’ve seen while representing our past clients.

Some of the most frequent injuries from motorcycle accidents in NYC include:

Road Rash: Even if you are riding on a bicycle you have a chance of receiving road rash from the asphalt. This condition is also known as “road burn”. When you slide across the asphalt, your skin is torn from the collision. The resulting rash is painful and involves abrasions on your skin. Depending on the impact, this can take weeks to heal and will impact your ability to work.

Spinal Cord Injury: This injury usually occurs when a serious accident happens, and the rider has spinal cord damage and compressed nerves. However, falling off a bike can also cause this injury. You could have nerve damage, or you might not be able to walk.

Head Injury: Even when wearing a helmet, you can suffer from a head injury. In fact, once you’ve sustained a serious head injury you might not be able to ride a motorcycle again. You could have mild injuries to your head or you could have brain damage.

Lower Body Injuries: One of the leading injuries of motorcycle accidents involves injuries to the lower body. Your feet and legs are the closest things to the ground, so they are the first thing that receives impact.

Broken Bones: When your body has no buffer and protection, broken bones are a common injury. Many riders break their wrists or legs because of the way they hit the ground. Sometimes riders can sustain broken bones if they lay their bike down on their body.

Nerve and Tissue Damage: After your accident, you might notice that you have loss of feeling in some area of your body. This sensation could be the result of a pinched nerve or damage to your tissue.

Muscle Strain: After your body slams to the ground, it could take several months of therapy to get your body back into shape. You will need physical therapy to realign your body.

Internal Bleeding: You don’t know the full extent of your injuries until you go to the doctor. So, we recommend that you go to the hospital immediately after an accident, especially if you’re on a motorcycle. You can’t see internal bleeding from the outside of your body and you could have organ damage. You must go to the hospital to get a scan to ensure that everything is ok.

Paralysis: One of the worst things that can happen to you in a motorcycle accident is to become paralyzed. Your accident will change the rest of your life.

Wrongful death: Motorcycle riders are the most likely to die in a car crash. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 14% of traffic fatalities are motorcyclists.

Motorcycle riders can’t protect themselves from the impact of a crash. Yes, you can try to minimize the damage, but you will have injuries. You don’t have the safety features of airbags or seat belts.

What are some of the causes of motorcycle accidents in NYC?

One of the major problems of driving a motorcycle is that other vehicles push you off the road. Many cars and trucks don’t believe that they need to share roadways or give the appropriate amount of clearance for motorcycles. Most of the reasons that motorcycle accidents occur are the fault of the driver. Also, even if a car is watching out for a motorcycle there can still be an accident because motorcycles aren’t easy to see. However, you look at it, these accidents occur because of the negligence of the driver. Actually, most accidents that occur in NYC are the result of driver negligence.

These are the top reasons motorcycle accidents happen in NYC:

Distracted Driving: This happens when drivers are texting, talking on their cell phones, eating, putting on makeup, or anything that is taking their focus away from the road.

Drunk Driving: Drivers that are impaired are one of the main causes of motorcycle accidents. Whether these drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they’re a huge risk to everyone on the road. Drunk drivers run into other cars all the time, and it’s easier for them to run into a motorcycle because they are harder to see.

Reckless Driving: Those that are speeding or are driving too fast for conditions. When a driver is speeding they will cause more damage than if they were traveling at the right speed.

Not Yielding: Many drivers think that they have the right of way over motorcycles, which means they will cut you off. If you are in an accident when you had the right of way, then the other driver is negligent.

Illegal Turns: One of the major causes of accidents in NYC is when a car or truck make an illegal left turn and crash into a motorcycle. Blind spots are a notorious issue and problem spot for motorcyclists.

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