Do I Need Legal Representation If Someone Hit My Rental Car

Do I Need Legal Representation If Someone Hit My Rental Car

If the damage to your rental car was minor, the fault for the accident is indisputable, and you didn’t get hurt during the accident, you probably won’t need legal representation. On the other hand, if the accident involved serious injuries, significant damage to the rental car, and fault needs to be established, you should protect your rights and get in touch with a New York rental car accident lawyer as quickly as possible.

Does My Insurance Cover a Rental Car?

In New York, the law requires all rental car companies to provide renters with minimum coverage amounts. Likewise, if you have liability insurance coverage and no-fault or personal injury protection coverage, these will cover you for property damage and bodily injury liability in an accident, even when you’re driving a rental car. However, it’s crucial to note that these insurance companies provide these policies on an excess basis, meaning these policies will only cover you when the amount of loss or damage exceeds the coverage that the rental car company provided. 

Can the Rental Car Company Hold Me Liable for the Accident?

Surprisingly, yes. While you have some coverage from the insurance policy the rental company is required to provide, the company might hold you liable for loss of use or damage to the rental car. Fortunately, if you have liability insurance, you can use this to cover the rental car damage, subject to specific policy exclusions and other applicable exceptions. 

If you don’t have liability insurance, you can check your credit card benefits if rental vehicle coverage is available. Take note, though, that this may only be available to you if you used your credit to rent the rental car and that the coverage may be subject to certain limitations. 

Call a New York Rental Car Accident Attorney Now

As you’ve probably realized by now, the rules and laws that govern rental car accidents in New York could be quite confusing. If you’re having any issues with insurance coverage as it relates to your rental car accident or you simply want to learn more about your case, don’t hesitate to call the Falkowitz Law Firm. You can schedule a free evaluation of your case with our rental car accident attorney in New York by completing our online form or calling us at 844-385-4279. 

Rental Car Accidents FAQs

Do I really need a lawyer for a rental car accident?

It depends on whether the accident involved severe injuries, substantial property damage, issues establishing fault, and problems with the insurance companies.

What if I don’t have car insurance?

Rental car companies are required to provide, in most cases, coverage for renters. A lawyer will also be able to figure out if you have any insurance coverage that may apply to your case. 

I am not a New York resident. Should I get a New York lawyer?

Definitely. The rental car accident happened in New York, which means that state laws will apply, so you need a lawyer with knowledge of New York laws.

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