Electric scooters by manufacturers such as Bird and Lime are raising havoc on the streets of New York, especially in the larger cities. While electric scooters are convenient and eco-friendly, they are causing major problems for pedestrians and motorists.


What are Electric Scooters

Bird and Lime have launched an electronic scooter app that allows you to download the app and find a scooter in your area. You just tap the button on the app, and you can ride it wherever you need to go. Electric scooters are equipped with brakes and an accelerator and can hit speeds up to 15 miles per hour.

While the app does recommend you ride in the bicycle lanes, the problem is that people in Hempstead and other cities are riding the scooters on the roadways and sidewalks. When Hempstead electric riders do this, they are running into other motor vehicles and mowing over pedestrians.  There have been accidents involving electric scooters and other people and/or vehicles that are causing serious injuries to those involved.


Electric Scooter Accident Liability in Hempstead, NY

City governments throughout New York have been scrambling to put policies into place in regards to electric scooters. In some cities, the local governments are demanding that electric scooter companies such as Bird and Lime be held responsible for damages that occur because of the electric scooters.

The problem is, that when you rent an electric scooter, the contracts limit the liability to $100.00 for Bird, and Lime doesn’t have any liability.

Once you are on the scooter, you are riding at your own risk. Additionally, there is no license required to rent one of the electric scooters.  What this means is that if you are hit by someone riding an electric scooter the person who hit you can just ride away, and you will have no idea who they were. Electric scooters aren’t even equipped with license plates.

If you’re injured due to another person’s negligence, this is where the question of liability gets complicated. In many cases, your health insurance company says your car insurance company should cover your medical bills, but your car insurance company may say no because they don’t cover two-wheeled vehicles.

There are some who recommend that insurance companies should offer some type of liability coverage, but many insurance companies don’t even recognize electric scooters as vehicles. In fact, in some cases, it may be your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy that pays your claim.


Dangers of Electric Scooters

What many people don’t realize is that even at a top speed of 15 miles per hour, serious injuries can occur if they hit someone, something, or are struck by another vehicle.

One of the main problems is that electric scooter riders generally don’t wear helmets or have never even used an electric scooter before. This is causing serious injuries and trauma surgeons across the country are seeing such injuries as:

  1.    Traumatic brain injuries
  2.    Broken Bones
  3.    Spinal injuries
  4.    Lacerations and internal bleeding


Defective and Malfunctioning Electric Scooters

People are also being injured due to defective and/or malfunctioning electric scooters.  Some of the problems include:

  1.    Tire Issues
  2.    Brake Problems
  3.    Handlebar or stem malfunctions
  4.    Throttle malfunctions

The problem with a defective scooter is that the scooter companies such as Lime and Bird rely on the riders to report any problems they encountered while using the scooter. However, many people won’t take the time to report any problems to the company, which puts the next rider of the scooter at risk for serious, if not fatal injuries.


What do I do if I’ve been in a Hempstead, NY Scooter Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one is hit by an electric scooter, and the rider of the electric scooter flees, try to remember as many details as possible. Also, check to see if anyone around you saw what happened and get their contact information and what they saw. Additionally, once the police arrive, have them take a report and then go see a medical professional as soon as possible so they can check for any possible injuries. Once you have your injuries treated, it’s time to seek out an experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable Hempstead electric scooter accident lawyer.


Why you need a Hempstead, NY Scooter Accident Lawyer

When it comes to electric scooters, this is a fairly new area of law, and there are a lot of grey areas. An experienced and knowledgeable Hempstead car accident attorney such as the Falkowitz Law Firm can assist you in your case. His legal team will investigate every aspect of your electric scooter accident and advise you on the best course of action.