Getting Harassed at Work? Get Gary!

As an employee, you expect certain standards to be followed. For instance, you do not want to be wrongfully fired, discriminated against or sexually harassed at work. Unfortunately, many employers are either ignorant of the law or believe that they are immune from it. At the Falkowitz Law Firm, we protect the legal rights of employees and minority shareholders. We understand that when you show up at your job, you justifiably expect to work in a safe environment, free of discrimination, harassment and unfair practices.

The Falkowitz Law Firm protects employees from the following forms of employment injustices:

Corporations are vigorous defenders as they will do whatever is necessary to protect their reputation and financial interest. Therefore, it is in their best interest to settle, and settle early.

If you believe that you have a legal claim against your current or former employer for treating you unfairly, call us anytime for a free consultation.