Having a ride available at your fingertips is incredibly convenient. You can literally use your phone to get a ride to anywhere you want to go. What happens when you are in an Uber or Lyft and you have an accident? It can be a confusing process because you weren’t driving the car. So, now your convenient ride has become complicated. You are riding in someone else’s vehicle, but you were given this ride through an app. Who is responsible for your injuries and damages? A ride-sharing app is a technology company, which is different than riding in a taxi. With this situation, it is normal to file an auto insurance claim against the driver of your vehicle instead of the company.

You are guaranteed a safe ride when you order your car on the app

When you select a destination, both Uber and Lyft offer you a safe driver and vehicle. Before you even get in the car, these companies have conducted background checks and a safety check of the vehicle. Your driver must have a clean driving and criminal background to even be able to work on the app. However, your driver is also an independent contractor. So, the companies shift the liability of accidents to drivers versus their company. Thankfully, Uber and Lyft also have an insurance policy on each one of their drivers. They understand that accidents happen, but they want to minimize these instances and cover damages if an accident occurs.

What does the ride-share company’s insurance cover?

When you are in an Uber accident, the insurance policy will cover at a minimum of 50,000 dollars per person, with a maximum of 100,000 dollars. Uber will also cover a maximum of 25,000 dollars in property damage. However, if there is no passenger in the car, then Uber’s coverage changes. If the Uber driver has collision and comprehensive coverage, then Uber will cover that as well. The total is 1 million dollars for bodily injury. The same thing occurs when a passenger is in the car. So, whether there is a passenger in the car, the driver is covered.

How easily do you receive compensation from Uber or Lyft?

Much like an insurance company for your personal insurance, Uber and Lyft will try to avoid paying out claims. Many accidents are denied by Uber’s insurance carrier. Nobody has your best interest at heart but you. So, you need to hire a Long Island Car Accident attorney that is used to handling Uber and Lyft insurance claims. If your claim is denied through Uber, you can sue the company directly to recover damages and your losses. Since these companies refer to their drivers as independent contractors, it can be difficult to sue them directly. Finally, victims can also sue the personal insurance carriers of the driver’s insurance. With there being so many entities to sue, it is hard to know which route to take. An experienced Long Island Uber Accident attorney will take all the information about your accident and take that stress out of your hands. Gary Falkowitz has handled many Uber and Lyft cases, and this experience makes him invaluable on your lawsuit.

Does each state have different laws with ride-sharing apps?

Absolutely. If you are in an accident in NYC it will be different than if you are in an accident in another city or state. So, if you are a victim of an Uber of Lyft accident in NYC, you need an experienced NYC attorney to handle your case. This can be difficult if you get into an accident in the city while you are visiting. An experienced Long Island Uber/Lfyt Accident attorney will be able to represent you whether you live in the city or not. You should be focusing on your recovery, not whom you need to sue. Let an experienced Uber and Lyft attorney help you through the process.

Problems with Uber and Lyft.

Although these companies do screen their drivers, it is not as thorough as a taxi cab driver. So, Uber and Lyft have a higher rate of accidents, because drivers are almost given the benefit of the doubt. Then, the maintenance of the vehicle relies on the driver. So, an initial inspection might miss safety concerns. Finally, people can actually drive cars for Uber that they don’t personally own. A lot of drivers borrow cars or rent vehicles when they drive. Any of these issues can complicate filing a personal injury claim after you have an Uber accident.

What are some Uber and Lyft cases you’ve handled?

Each case is a little bit different, much like any personal injury lawsuit. The most frequent ride-sharing accidents we’ve represented are:

  • The Uber passenger was injured because of the driver.
  • A driver or passenger was injured in another vehicle because of the driver.
  • Drivers of another vehicle injuring the Uber driver because of their own negligence.

These are only a few of the many examples we’ve seen in our office. Whatever the situation, we are confident that we can handle your Uber or Lyft personal injury claim. You shouldn’t have to face this alone, and we’re happy to be your advocate.

What are some causes of Uber and Lyft accidents in NYC

Just like most accidents, distracted driving is one of the chief causes of accidents. Many people travel on the road every day, and driving isn’t the main focus. It just takes one minute of losing focus behind the wheel to cause serious harm. Many of these Uber/Lyft accidents are a result of:

  • Drivers driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Drivers that are tired from being overworked
  • Drivers that are distracted by texting, makeup or food
  • Hazards in the road like potholes or missing signs.

Now that you have information on Uber and Lyft accidents, you know you need a Long Island personal injury lawyer. The Falkowitz Law Firm can walk you through every step of the process and will make you feel confident in your case. There is no reason to worry about whether you are submitting the right paperwork to the right people. Contact us today so that we can start building your case.