Winning a New York Slip and Fall Case

Nobody expects to be hurt in a slip and fall accident; this is why they are called accidents. However, though it’s easy to injure yourself on someone else’s property, winning a New York slip and fall case is not always so simple. Not every property owner is financially liable for your harm from slipping and […]

Tips to Boost Pedestrian Safety During the COVID-19 Outbreak

With warmer weather arriving and most of New York still living under stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, many people are walking more as a form an exercise, a way to get out of the house, or even an alternate method of commuting to an essential job instead of taking crowded public transportation. Though walking is[…..]


Debunking Four Common Personal Injury Myths

Whenever the topic of personal injury lawsuits arises, everyone seems to have an opinion. Many of these opinions are negative based on numerous misconceptions and myths that paint New York, personal injury lawyers, in a bad light. However, on closer examination, these inaccuracies are not difficult to debunk once and for all. Victims in Personal[…..]

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Who Might Be Liable for My New York Car Accident Injuries?

Car accidents may seem straightforward when it comes to determining who is at fault and should pay for your injuries and damages – most people assume another driver is liable. However, most people don’t know that there may be other parties liable for your New York car accident injuries, which may owe you compensation. Here[…..]