As an American, it shouldn’t matter what you look like when it comes to employment. There are many laws in place to protect you when you are working so that you do not have to face any type of discrimination. Gary Falkowitz is a racial discrimination lawyer in New York City that knows what it takes to win cases.

Any form of racial discrimination is illegal. If your work is discriminating against you based off of your ethnicity or racial background you should contact our office immediately. Some discrimination is easy to see, while other versions can be a bit harder to detect. Someone coming up to you and making inappropriate jokes at work is just as bad as racial slurs. Whether discrimination is slight or direct, we are here to help. Contact us today to set up your appointment to discuss your racial discrimination case.


What is racial discrimination?

There are many people in our country that have some racist views where they make inappropriate comments and ignorantly label groups of people. New York City is known as a culturally diverse area in America and we still face these issues. Often, these racist attitudes can be expressed in many different forms, and it can be extremely uncomfortable in a workplace environment.

Racial discrimination can affect hiring, firing, and even job promotion. In some instances, racial discrimination can cause employees to quit to avoid conflict and drama. Although discrimination based on race has occurred for many decades, the Civil rights Act of 1964 has vastly improved the environment of workplaces across the country. However, we still have many issues in the workplace that have to deal with race.


What are the federal laws to protect you against racial discrimination?

There is a federal Civil Rights Act that protects individuals from discrimination. Under this act, employees that are victims of racial discrimination can find legal help. Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act states that no employee should receive disparate treatment, meaning you are treated differently because of your racial background.

You can receive disparate treatment as an individual or as a group. If there are many employees that are victims of racial discrimination it can establish a “pattern or practice” with the company. There are some lawsuits that focus on harassment an employee receives because of their race. We also see many of our clients dealing with hostile work environments.

Title VII only applies to companies that have 15 employees or more, so compensation will depend on the size of the company. Racial discrimination is generally seen as a malicious act that can result in punitive damages. Thankfully, this law also protects the victims against retaliation from their previous employer. New York City also has human rights laws that protect victims from smaller companies with as little as 4 employees.  


What are some of the most common instances of racial discrimination?

Do you know if you have seen racial discrimination in your workplace? If you notice that you, or anyone of your race, is not being promoted in your workplace, this could be an instance of racial discrimination. This is subtler than hearing offensive racial slurs, but it is something that you should be aware of. There are many companies that only hire people that look a specific way, and if we can establish a pattern we can begin to build your case.


Nobody should have to suffer from workplace discrimination

Racial discrimination can be one of the most toxic types of discrimination in the workplace. You have every right to feel comfortable while you are work, and you should have the same rights as your fellow employees regardless of your ethnicity. If you have suffered from racial discrimination contact us today for your free consultation.