When a Fall Lands You in the Hospital

Americans fall every day. While sometimes these falls result in nothing more serious than a bit of embarrassment and a bruised ego, all too often serious injuries are the unfortunate outcome.  What makes these injuries infuriating is when they could have been prevented, and a careless or negligent property owner simply failed to provide a […]

Mass Transit Accidents in Long Island

If you’re one of the millions of New Yorkers who utilize public transportation daily, you understand just how important it is to be able to rely on the buses, subways, and trains here in the Big Apple.  When accidents occur leading to personal injury, you need a caring, competent Long Island Personal Injury attorney to[…..]


Scaffolding Accidents in Long Island

Take a look at the New York skyline, and you’ll see scaffolding just about everywhere.  The construction industry is alive and well in New York, without a doubt. And as great as that is for New Yorkers in many ways, it also raises the specter of construction site accidents.  Unfortunately, scaffolding is the site of[…..]


Safety Equipment Matters on the Construction Site

With an average of 12 to 20+ construction site fatalities annually in New York State, on top of thousands of injuries, it’s worth understanding the circumstances around these tragic incidents.  In far too many job site accidents, an absence of effective safety equipment can be listed as a key factor in the incident. If you[…..]