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What New York Laws Traffic Laws Apply to Pedestrians?

Almost every city in New York is teeming with pedestrians. The large number of people on foot in busy cities helps ease crowded streets, but the high volume of cars in close proximity to a high volume of people results in a large number of accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians each year. To keep them […]

Winning a New York Slip and Fall Case

Nobody expects to be hurt in a slip and fall accident; this is why they are called accidents. However, though it’s easy to injure yourself on someone else’s property, winning a New York slip and fall case is not always so simple. Not every property owner is financially liable for your harm from slipping and[…..]

Tips to Boost Pedestrian Safety During the COVID-19 Outbreak

With warmer weather arriving and most of New York still living under stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, many people are walking more as a form an exercise, a way to get out of the house, or even an alternate method of commuting to an essential job instead of taking crowded public transportation. Though walking is[…..]

How Do I Get My COVID-19 Stimulus Money?

If you are a taxpayer in New York with a Social Security number, are a resident of the United States, and have the required adjusted gross income and children — you are eligible for a stimulus check. Here’s how it works: If You Qualify How Much Money Will You Get? The stimulus money breaks down[…..]