texting while driving

Texting While Driving: 3 Common Dangers

If you are texting while driving, you are putting a lot more at risk than just your own life. But what are those other 3 common dangers? Do you consider yourself a safe driver? If so, you’re probably not alone. And yet nearly everyone has a few bad habits that could easily create a dangerous situation […]

What Happens If You Damage A Rental Car?

What Happens If You Damage A Rental Car?

What happens if you damage a rental car? Do you have to pay for the damage sustained or will the rental car company cover it? Keep reading to learn the answer. The car rental market made $86 billion in 2020 despite the impact that COVID-19 had on the industry. The industry is expected to reach a CAGR[…..]

how to avoid motorcycle accidents

How To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

What’s the best way to avoid motorcycle accidents? Is just being careful while driving enough? We’ve compiled tips and tricks to help you keep the roads safe. If you drive a motorcycle, then you get to experience that exhilarating rush that most other drivers on the road will never experience. However, you also know the risks you’re taking,[…..]

how many people die in car accidents

How Many People Die in A Car Accident Every Day?

Nothing has transformed our society quite as much as cars have. They are incredible pieces of modern technology that many of us take for granted every day. The problem with so many cars on the road, however, is that accidents are far too common. Whether driving distracted, driving while tired or driving under the influence, death by a[…..]