how many people die in car accidents

How Many People Die in A Car Accident Every Day?

Nothing has transformed our society quite as much as cars have. They are incredible pieces of modern technology that many of us take for granted every day.

The problem with so many cars on the road, however, is that accidents are far too common. Whether driving distracted, driving while tired or driving under the influence, death by a car accident is the leading cause of unnatural death in the country.

How many people die in a car accident every day? The answer is quite sobering, but the statistics are important. Far more people are afraid to get on a plane than drive a car, but a car crash is far more likely than a plane crash.

If you are wondering how many car accident deaths happen on a daily basis, as well as what to do if a loved one is killed or injured in a car crash, then keep reading for answers to all your questions.

Accidents Are the Third Leading Cause of Death

According to the CDC, accidents, or unintentional injuries, are listed as the third most common cause of death, behind heart disease and cancer. Regarding unnatural death, they are the leading culprit. And for those under age 54, it is the leading cause of fatality.

But accidents in this category include work-related fatalities, car accident fatalities, and other types of accidents.

How Many People Die in a Car Accident Every Day?

Regarding car crash deaths specifically, about 1.35 million people around the world die as a result of a car accident. On a daily basis, almost 3,700 people are killed in car accidents.

A large number of these fatalities occur in developing countries. Victims usually include pedestrians, motorcyclists, or cyclists.

In the US, about 36,000 people die in a car crash each year, or 98 people every single day. The most dangerous states include California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. The states with the safest roads include New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Major Causes of Car Accidents

According to recent car accident statistics, the leading cause of accidents is distracted driving. This includes looking at a mobile phone, changing the music, or interacting with others in the car.

Speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs are also major causes of car accidents and fatalities.

Other lesser causes of accidents include driving while tired or emotionally unstable, not wearing a seatbelt, and driving at night or during hazardous conditions such as heavy rain, snow, or fog.

What to do After a Car Crash

If you’ve been in an accident, the first thing you need to do is call 911 and get emergency help.

If you aren’t immediately transported to a hospital, you’ll want to get personal information from other drivers involved in the accident, as well as witnesses.

Take photos of the accident if you can. Cooperate with all the authorities, but don’t admit fault.

Once in a safe location, you can contact a New York City car accident lawyer that specializes in automobile accidents to determine if you are entitled to compensation as the result of a car accident, especially if injury or death has occurred.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

Now that you know how many people die in a car crash every day, it’s up to you to be safe on the road and know how to handle an accident if it occurs.

If a loved one was killed during a car crash due to negligence, make sure to contact Falkowitz Law Firm to take legal action with the help of a wrongful death lawyer and get the compensation you deserve.


Q: So how can you avoid a car accident in the first place?

A: Develop defensive, careful driving practices to stay safe on the road and avoid driving in poor conditions.

Q: How should you communicate with authorities and other parties involved in the accident?

A: It’s important to comply with authorities and be respectful but remember not to admit fault at the scene of the accident.

Q: What should be the first thing you do once you are back home safe or in the hospital following an accident?

A: In order to determine if you are entitled to compensation, you should contact a car accident attorney right away.

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