When Negligent Security Leads to Crime

Tragically, crimes happen every day. People get robbed, and sometimes, more serious crimes, like rape, occur. Some people are assaulted or even killed.  In many of these cases, property owners are to blame. While they are not the ones doing the actual robbing, raping or killing, they are the ones allowing it to happen. That’s […]

Falls on Construction Sites

Construction is a necessity in our growing world. As the population increases, more and more houses, stores and offices are needed to support this growth.  Construction, however, is a dangerous industry. There are so many dangers involved, with machinery, power tools, heavy materials, electricity, and heights. Heights are especially dangerous. In fact, falls are the[…..]

Common Product Liability Issues

We expect that the products we use on a daily basis are safe. Unfortunately, some items are dangerous or defective, causing serious injuries or even death.  Prescription drugs, car seats, kitchen utensils, appliances, computers and other items you use on a daily basis can actually be harmful. Even seemingly safe products such as toys can[…..]

Slips and Falls: Causes and Legal Actions

Slips and falls are common events that can happen anywhere. In fact, they happen every second of the day. They can happen at work, in a grocery store, while dining at your favorite restaurant, while climbing upstairs, on a sidewalk, in a parking lot and even in your home.  Slips and falls are often caused[…..]