Claims Against NY/NJ Transit Authorities

New York and New Jersey both have transit systems that transport millions of people a year. Whether you are vacationing in the city or heading to work, you’ve probably stepped foot on a ferry, bus, or train. Generally, your trips will be fairly normal, but occasionally you could have unusual experiences like injuries. With the number of people using these transit systems it’s common that there are injuries. It can be scary though because you aren’t involved in an accident with another person. Instead, you need to figure out how to report your accident and receive the compensation that you deserve. You only have a limited amount of time, which is why you should hire an attorney that specializes in claims against the NY and NJ transit authorities.

Gary Falkowitz understands that having an accident can be a difficult burden on you and your family. We recommend that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible because you have limited time to file your claim. With the transit system, the amount of time that you have is even less than you might expect. You only have 90 days from the date of your accident to file your claim. Some attorneys will recommend that you recover from your injuries before filing personal injury claims, but you don’t have time when you are filing with the transit authority.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

Often in initial meetings, victims feel like they can wait until after they’ve recovered from their injuries to start a lawsuit. We hear this every day, and it’s the worst piece of advice. No matter if you have 5 years or 90 days in your statute of limitations, you should start immediately. Even if you have solid proof of another party’s negligence, you have to meet the deadline. If your paperwork is filed one day after the deadline, you miss out on compensation. There is no way to undo this, which is why we recommend getting representation as soon as possible. Choose a lawyer that specializes in the NY and NJ transit system, so that they can navigate the red tape. This is especially important if you have been hurt while you are visiting our city. You need someone here that can handle all the details of your case while you are home getting better.

What kind of lawsuits have you handled?

We are well versed in lawsuits with both the NY and NJ transit system. We have helped our clients win large settlements that cover their damages, lost wages, and medical bills. Some of our past cases involve major transit systems like:

  • Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
  • NY buses
  • NJ transit
  • And more.

It doesn’t matter whether you were in a collision or involved with a sudden stop while riding the transit system. We can cover any case, and we’re experienced representing clients with varying degrees of injuries. The minute you step in our office we are focused on investigating every detail of your case to get you the settlement that you deserve.

What types of lawsuits have you represented in public transportation accidents?

Just like with any accident, injuries largely change from one case to the next. So, it makes sense that our lawsuits against these entities depend on our clients. Below we list some of the more common accidents that have occurred on transit systems.

Trains: Generally, an incident with a train is the fault of the negligence of the engineer, railroad, or other motorists on the road.

Buses: We have represented a number of clients that were riding buses that collided with other vehicles, bikes, or pedestrians. We have also had cases where companies are at fault because the buses weren’t maintained properly.

Subways: Many of the injuries that occur in the subway are due to trips and falls. We’ve also had clients that were injured because of fault platforms or staircases.

Vehicles and Pedestrians Vs. Trains: In either one of these situations, victims rarely survive the impact. If victims do survive they have suffered substantial injuries. So, we have brought numerous wrongful death lawsuits against this type of

Why is transit different than just a personal injury lawsuit?

With a personal injury lawsuit, you usually have a pretty clear idea about the negligent party. However, with transit, you are dealing with local and state entities. Government bodies are confusing enough, without having to figure out who is responsible for your compensation. A skilled personal injury attorney, like Gary Falkowitz, can build a case for you based on his experience. You need to hire someone that is used to dealing with these types of cases because they can be very complex. You always want to make sure that you are being fairly compensated in your settlement. Much like insurance companies, NY and NJ transit are going to try to settle with you for the lowest amount possible. Having an advocate in your corner will ensure that you get the best offer possible.

I’ve been in a transit accident, what should I do?

First, you should get your injuries checked out to make sure that you are ok. We also recommend going to the doctor because it shows that you were injured. Some people don’t think you were really injured if you don’t immediately go to the doctor. Then, make sure that you seek out your legal counsel. Give them all the information for your case, including any witnesses that saw the accident. Then your attorney can start building your lawsuit for you.

Don’t risk your compensation by hiring an attorney with minimal transit experience. Gary Falkowitz is an attorney that has decades of experience in personal injury lawsuits. Whether you are a resident of the city, or just passing through, we can build a strong case for your personal injury lawsuit. Contact us today to discuss your case and your options. Remember, anything mentioned in this article is informative and does not count as legal advice.

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