Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

4 Important Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

In 2019, motorcyclists were roughly 29 times more likely to die in a traffic accident than drivers or passengers in another kind of motor vehicle. They were likewise four times more likely to sustain serious injuries. Cooperation from road users and safe riding can really help cut down the number of injuries and deaths during motorcycle accidents. What follows are four important facts you should know about motorcycle accidents.

  1. Motorcycle helmets can help prevent motorcycle accident deaths.

According to the NHTSA, helmets were responsible for saving 1872 lives in 2017. Additionally, if all the riders had worn helmets, the lives of 749 people could’ve been saved. So think twice before you go riding without your helmet on. 

  1. Of the motorcyclists involved in fatal accidents in 2019, approximately 30% of them did not have a valid motorcycle license.

The mental and physical skills needed to ride a motorcycle safely are very different from those required to drive a four-wheel vehicle, which why New York DMV requires all riders to have valid motorcycle operator’s licenses. Riders from other states or countries can ride in New York if they have valid licenses from their home state or country.

  1. The older the motorcyclist, the higher the risk of serious injuries.

A study that compared the types and severity of injuries suffered by motorcyclists between the ages of 20 and 60 found that older motorcyclists were more susceptible to more severe injuries than younger motorcyclists. The study cited slower reaction times, poorer vision, increased fragility due to aging, and bigger motorcycles (which have an increased risk of rolling over) favored by older motorcyclists as the causes. 

  1. Alcohol and drugs are huge factors in fatal motorcycle accidents.

Alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medication could negatively impact your throttle control, coordination, judgment, and balance while riding. They likewise slow down your reaction time significantly and impair your alertness. In addition, impaired riders are more likely to disregard the speed limits and not wear a helmet than sober riders. 

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Let Our Experienced Garden City Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help You

If the actions of a negligent motorist led to an accident that caused you serious harm, you might have a claim against them. Riders often sustain serious injuries that require extensive and costly treatment. To learn about your legal options after a motorcycle accident, get in touch with us here at the Falkowitz Law Firm. Arrange a free review of your case with our experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Garden City by calling 844-385-4279 or contacting us online.

Motorcycle Accidents FAQs

I only have minor injuries. Do I still need to see a doctor?

Yes. You could be suffering from a brain injury, or some internal injury might take some time to show symptoms. 

The at-fault party is uninsured. Can I still seek compensation?

You can use your no-fault insurance coverage up to its limit. If you have particularly serious injuries, you can also file a claim against the at-fault party.

How can a lawyer help with my Case?

Your lawyer can examine all the facts of your case, estimate applicable damages, determine liability for the accident, and seek fair compensation for your losses. 

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