8 Bicycle Laws in New York City

In the crowded urban jungle of New York City, bicycles are a great way to avoid sitting in gridlock and take advantage of an environmentally friendly method of transportation. However, more riders means more accidents, injuries, and deaths. To try and curb these rising rates and protect riders, New York City has enacted laws to prevent cyclists from endangering themselves or others. Cyclists are subject to the same regulations as motor vehicle drivers. Here are eight: 

  • Ride in the Street – Cyclists are required to avoid riding on sidewalks unless a rider is 12 or younger and the bicycle’s wheels are under 26 inches in diameter. Bicyclists are permitted on all main and local streets in New York City, but are prohibited from using expressways, drives, interstates, bridges, or thruways unless specifically authorized.
  • Ride with Traffic – Riding against traffic is prohibited.
  • Keeping Hands on Handlebars – Cyclists must always have a hand on either a steering device or handlebars. 
  • Stop at Red Lights and Stop Signs – Cyclists must obey traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings, and exercise care to avoid striking pedestrians, cyclists, or motor vehicles. Bicycles must wait for a green light at an intersection unless a traffic sign insides bicycles may use the pedestrian signal. 
  • Do Not Ride in Parks – Unless a designated bike riding area exists, no one may bicycle in a park. Cyclists may push bicycles in a single file to and from designated areas.
  • One Ear Open – No cyclist may wear more than one earphone attached to an audio device while riding.
  • Use Marked Bike Lanes or Paths When Available – This is required unless a cyclist is making a turn or it’s unsafe to do so. Cyclists have the right to use the middle of a travel lane if the road is too narrow for a motor vehicle and bicycle to travel safely side by side.
  • Use a White Headlight and Red Taillight – Cyclists must possess these lights and use them from dusk until dawn. The bicycle must have a bell or audible signal, working brakes, and a reflective device or tires.

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