The Costs of Hunting Accidents

Many New Yorkers participate in hunting as an integral part of their recreational life.  Not only is it a way to get food; it is also a distinctive way to commune with nature, build relationships through ritual and commonality, and develop a respect and appreciation for wildlife.  Sadly, sometimes the experience can result in tragic […]

When a Fall Lands You in the Hospital

Americans fall every day. While sometimes these falls result in nothing more serious than a bit of embarrassment and a bruised ego, all too often serious injuries are the unfortunate outcome.  What makes these injuries infuriating is when they could have been prevented, and a careless or negligent property owner simply failed to provide a[…..]


Scaffolding Accidents in Long Island

Take a look at the New York skyline, and you’ll see scaffolding just about everywhere.  The construction industry is alive and well in New York, without a doubt. And as great as that is for New Yorkers in many ways, it also raises the specter of construction site accidents.  Unfortunately, scaffolding is the site of[…..]

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Opioid Crisis: Where to Lay the Blame in Long Island?

Opioid addiction is claiming the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans across the country. Many who suffer from addiction were introduced to opioids through their own doctors, trusting that the prescriptions they took were safe.  But the facts reveal that nothing could be further from the truth. Worse, manufacturers were aware of the addictive[…..]