Can You Sue After a Car Accident in Snow?

About 16% of car accidents occur due to snowy conditions. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in snow, you may be wondering who exactly is liable and whether you can sue.

Other drivers on the road aren’t responsible for certain hazardous driving conditions. Yet, it is their responsibility to operate their vehicles in the snow properly. A personal injury attorney can help you figure out whether you can sue after this accident.

When Is The Driver Responsible For An Accident In Snow?

Every driver needs to take precautions to keep themselves and other drivers safe. If another driver has hit you in the snow, they may be liable if they were not practicing safe driving etiquette.

  • Not Using Their Windshield Wipers

If a driver has failed to remove snow or ice from their vehicle, causing them to collide with you, they may be liable. If they are operating a vehicle that was unsafe to drive, their negligence can allow you to sue.

  • Not Having Weather-Appropriate Tires

Have you been hit by someone driving with tires that aren’t weather-appropriate? They may be liable for the crash.

If a driver failed to ensure that their tires were in good working order, they could be considered at fault. It’s the driver’s responsibility to make sure that their car stable enough to operate in the snow.

  • Not Maintaining A Safe Speed

It’s ideal to slow down when driving in snowy conditions. Even if the driver was obeying the speed limit, they could still be liable for the collision.

Was the other driver not taking practical precautions on the road by slowing down? This is another factor to consider if you choose to sue.

When Is The City Liable For An Accident In The Snow?

While you can’t always hold the other driver responsible, there are times when the city can be to blame. If you’ve been involved in a snowy collision in Long Island, it’s possible the location can be to blame.

  • Failed To Maintain Road

If the city has failed to maintain the road and keep it safe as possible for drivers, they can easily be liable. Have you been involved in a winter car crash due to unplowed roads, potholes, or black ice? The city itself can be found liable.

Were you involved in a winter car crash in Long Island due to a lack of proper road maintenance? Contact a personal injury attorney about the case.

Contacting a professional will help you take the proper steps in this situation. Our attorneys at Falkowitz Law Firm will help you get the compensation you deserve.

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