Common Electrocution Hazards on New York Construction Sites

In New York, construction sites are a common sight everywhere. However, just because they are commonplace doesn’t mean they are safe. Risks to workers, site visitors, and even passersby are everywhere, and just because they aren’t visible doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Electricity is vital on construction sites, so it’s important to be aware of hazardous conditions electricity poses and the risks of electrocution and electrical burns. Some of the most common conditions posing severe risk of injury to New York construction works are extension cords, overhead power lines, and defective equipment.

Extension Cords

Extension cords are critical to every construction site, and they often wear down with misuse or without proper maintenance. Normal wear and tear, staples, sharp edges, and other objects may cause more rapid destruction of cords. This can result in exposed wires and put workers at risk of electrocution. 

Overhead Power Lines

High voltage power lines often present some of the greatest dangers on construction sites; the risk of contact only increases if workers don’t know how high their lifts or ladders extend. Even if they don’t physically touch a line, electrocution or falls due to shocks can occur if a charge passes through a metal piece of equipment touching the line into the worker. It’s critical to ascertain the height of ladders, lifts, and power lines when working on a construction site.

Defective Equipment

Equipment must be frequently check for defects and wiring issues. If there is suspicion equipment is damaged or has a defect, cease use and inspect it immediately. Contact with this type of equipment may cause electrocution, electrical burns, or both.

Contact a Long Island Construction Defect Attorney

Construction sites can be dangerous, but proper safety training and regular maintenance on equipment can prevent many injuries caused by electrical hazards. If you or a loved one were injured by electricity on a construction site, the experienced Long Island construction defect attorneys at the Falkowitz Law Firm, PLLC and help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us 24/7 at (844)-385-4279 or by completing our online Contact Page to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Let us handle your case with the dedication, resources, and expertise you need. 

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