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Can I Sue for Injuries from Hazardous Road Conditions in New York?

Even though driver error is the most common reason car accidents occur in New York, like the rest of the United States, it’s not the only reason. Even with responsible behavior behind the wheel, hazardous road conditions would still cause crashes. Depending on the circumstances, several parties could be liable for your Long Island car accident injuries. 


Unrepaired Roads


The government is responsible for maintaining roads in a safe condition, so if it had notice and failed to take advantage of a reasonable opportunity to repair the responsible entity could be liable. Unrepaired conditions often include:

  • Broken or missing barriers and guard rails,  
  • Potholes or cracked pavement, 
  • Unsafe drop-offs, and 
  • Lack of or malfunctioning warning signals.


Debris on the Road


Depending on the circumstances, many different parties may be liable if road debris led to your accident. The government may be liable for failing to clear debris off the road, but if improperly secured cargo fell from a commercial truck or an individual littered and caused the wreck, you may have other responsible parties to pursue for damages.


Construction Zone Negligence


Construction zones often require speed change, lane shifts, or lanes merging to allow a space for construction to occur. If a construction zone is not designed with reasonable safety, the government agency or contractor responsible for the design may be liable. If an individual driver behaved negligently in a construction zone and caused an accident, they may be responsible for your damages. 


Poor Weather Conditions


In some accidents where inclement weather was involved, there may be no other parties to pursue for damages. However, negligence is often still a contributing factor in these injury-causing accidents. A driver traveling too fast for wet or slick road conditions may have acted negligently. They also may be negligent for failing to reasonably maintain their vehicle with proper tires and brakes. The governmental entity responsible for the roads may be liable if they failed to clear gutters and drains and caused standing water on the street from a rainstorm. 

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