How to Settle After a Truck Accident

Being in an accident with a truck isn’t your everyday traffic accident.

Your risk of injury is so much higher because of how large and dangerous semi-trucks can be. For that reason, a truck accident settlement is a different beast. After you’ve handled any medical issues, you need to get a great attorney on your side.

In this post, we’re going to walk you through what to do after a truck accident. Dealing with a commercial truck accident is complicated and can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Settling for the right amount should be the top priority.

After a Commercial Truck Accident

The first thing you need to understand after being in an accident with a commercial semi is that accountability is a bit different than a normal traffic accident. In a normal accident, the driver at fault and their insurance company is who you’ll be dealing with during a settlement. With a commercial vehicle, you’ve got the added layer of a company’s liability.

In most cases, you’ll be settling the damages with the employer of the driver because they’re responsible for what their workers do while on the clock. On one hand, a company’s insurance policy is going to cover a lot more, which means you’ll be able to settle for more money. On the other hand, because there’s more money involved, the insurance company will go to greater lengths to defend the case.

Speaking With an Attorney

Because of the power of companies and their insurance policies, you don’t want to deal with a commercial truck accident alone. Hire an attorney that specializes in settling these kinds of accidents and go over the situation with them.

There are numerous things that factor into the damages and what will make up your settlement amount:

  • The cost of your medical care and ongoing medical expenses.
  • Mental health medications and services.
  • Any mobility aids or alterations to your home to accommodate your injuries.
  • The cost of your damaged vehicle.
  • Any lost wages if you’re prevented from doing your job.

Your claim will include some combination of these things. Your lawyer will help you work through all of this to come up with an appropriate settlement amount.

No two accident cases are the same, but an experienced lawyer will have seen similar cases and be able to give you an idea of what to expect moving forward.

What to Expect For a Settlement

In many of these cases, the insurance company for the employer of the truck driver will try to settle quickly and for too little money. It’s important to have a great lawyer on your side to go to bat for you and get you the settlement amount that you deserve.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what goes into truck accident settlements and how important a lawyer is throughout this process, you can find the right lawyer for your case. Contact the Gary Falkowitz Law Firm and you’ll get a caring lawyer with a great deal of experience in settling vehicle accidents.

Gary P. Falkowitz is the Managing Partner and Founding Attorney of the Falkowitz Law Firm PLLC‚ one of the premiere personal injury law firms in New York. Gary received his J.D., in 2005 from St. John’s University School of Law and served as an Assistant District Attorney with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.

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