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Who Might Be Liable for My New York Car Accident Injuries?

Car accidents may seem straightforward when it comes to determining who is at fault and should pay for your injuries and damages – most people assume another driver is liable. However, most people don’t know that there may be other parties liable for your New York car accident injuries, which may owe you compensation. Here are some other non-driver parties that may have owed you a duty of care.

Government Entities, Contractors, and Subcontractors

The government has a legal duty in its jurisdiction to design, build, and maintain safe roads. If they fail to inspect and repair roads, they may be liable for injuries from hazardous road conditions. Additionally, both government contractors and the government may be liable for substandard repair work by subcontractors. Construction companies performing negligent maintenance, construction, or repair and using substandard construction materials may be liable for negligence.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Car manufacturers have a legal duty to produce, market, and design safe products; defective vehicles can result in liability for the manufacturer. Product defects don’t require victims to prove negligence to recover – these are evaluated under a less stringent strict liability standard.

Maintenance Shops and Repair Shops  

These shops have a legal duty to exercise reasonable care when inspecting cars and performing work. Substandard or negligent work, which was a factor in your car accident and injuries may result in liability.

Companies Whose Employees were the At-Fault Driver While on the Job

Employees driving an employer’s vehicle on the job will likely incur liability for their employer if they are at-fault in an accident and cause damage. Under the idea of vicarious liability, the employee is acting as the employer’s agent, so their actions are usually imputed to their employer.

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