New York Head-on Collisions a Serious Problem

When two vehicles collide head-on, the damage to life and property are almost always severe.  Regrettably, these kinds of accidents took nearly 22,000 lives across the country in 2005 alone!  Unfortunately, New Yorkers are every bit as susceptible to these horrendous accidents as people in other states. If you have been the victim of such […]


Traumatic Brain Injury in the Aftermath of an Accident

The brain is the body’s command center, and when it is damaged the results can be devastating. Nature’s protection is your skull, but even that tough bony shell cannot guarantee safety in the wake of certain violent or traumatic events.  In fact, roughly 1.5 million people experience a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year somewhere[…..]

Monsanto’s Roundup Carcinogenic

There’s a dangerous chemical in many homes right now.  That’s right, the primary ingredient in the popular over-the-counter weed killer, Roundup, can have severe impacts on human health. Glyphosate, when combined with other chemicals found in the product, has been linked to cancer after coming in contact with skin, airways, or eyes.  Children and pregnant[…..]

Motorcycle Accidents Pose Higher Risks to Riders

Any avid motorcyclist will tell you that there’s nothing that compares with the feeling of riding on the open road.  It’s a way to relax, commune with nature, and achieve an almost spiritual sense of bliss. But for those who ride, and those who share the road with motorcycles, safety should be an utmost concern[…..]